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How to Get Google Adsense Approval 2021

Google Adsense is the best and highest paying advertising network both for publishers and advertisers and getting an account is not quite simple.

 Here is the fastest guide on How to Get Google Adsense approval that will make advertisement start showing live on your website today. Step by step.

#1. Setup an Email Address for Adsence

Create email

When a friend told me about this approval factor, I honestly thought it was a joak, not until I tried it and IT WORKED! You need to Optimize your email for applying Adsense.
  • Create a new email with your real first and last name.
  • Select 'Business' while creating. Instead of 'Personal'. 
  • Use 'help.yourblogname@gmail.com' as your address.

#2. Publish Enough Content 

Publish content

Insufficient content is one of the main reasons why Adsense rejects accounts. Google wants to be sure that your contents are ENOUGH to cover ads. If contents to be read is not enough,  then who are we advertising to?
  • Publish pages of up to 1000 words or 500 minimum.
  • Have at least 30 pages on your blog.
  • Each category should have at least 10 blog posts.
  • See How to Rank High on Google so you can get more traffic 

 #3. User Friendly Design 

Responsive design
It's obvious that design is the first thing Adsense will see on your website when they come to inspect. Make it appealing, so they can see that everything is functioning well.
  • Optimize design for both mobile and desktop view.
  • Ensure that all the features and links on the layout are fully fuctioning.
  • Make sure to remove anything that makes your page loads slowly.

#4. Create About, Contact and Privacy Page

About page

 These are main pages that should be the first thing any websites should have but yet many of us ignore it, or we just write them. Anyhow. Google wants to be sure you're serious.  Make them understand that.
  • These pages should be simple, but write it like you would write a blog post.
  • Put links to these pages at strategic parts of your homepage:
  • Top menu, sidebar and footer.

#5. Now Apply and Keep Publishing 

Apply for Adsense
Do you know that there are sites that Google Adsense have  been waiting for to just click the 'Apply' button for them to approve immediately? Yes, there are such and you could be one also.
  • Apply and keep publishing your contents as you normally do while waiting.
  • It will take Adsense not more than 48 hours to approve your account.
  • Enjoy
I believe from this briefly detailed guide,  you now know how to get Adsense approval instantly. 
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Here are some take away points you should not forget:
  • Sign up for Adsense an Adsense account
  • Follow all the steps on this page above 
  • Log in to your Adsense account 
  • Add the Adsense code
  • Wait for 1-2 weeks for final review & approval
  • Once your application is approved, ads will start showing immediately
  • This is the ultimate process for Adsense approval 
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