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How to Be a Blogger (Content Creator)

 Being a blogger is more than just putting words on a web page or frequently creating and uploading videos. It is more than just an online diary. 


Being a Blogger

 What does being a blogger really mean? Being a blogger is being able to share a detailed, unique and personal review of any topic, discipline or keyword that you create.

 Not every blogger you know is worthy to be called a blogger. I call them 'Retweeters'. They tweet or retweet information; they don't give information

 Here you will learn those qualities a content creator should possess before being called a blogger.

The Requirements 

 The ultimate question to every goal is:
  1. What do you want?
  2. How do you want it?
  3. When do you want it?
 The first question in this case is to be a blogger. While the second question is why you need the requirements:

The Mindset

 You are what you think about and what you think the of is who you become.  You need to reason like a blogger to actually succeed in blogging. 

 Many bloggers start and drop out at some point. And I was one of them. I started blogging back in 2017 and lost interest in late 2018 because my Adsense earnings were low, and I lacked the mindset if being a blogger.
  • Avoid social media distraction (turn off your notifications)
  • Everything around you should give you your next blog post idea.
  • Use the world and social media to know what the demand of your readers is.
  • Create contents like you are talking to someone
  • Do not be a teacher. Be a guardian.
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The Action 

 It is one thing to design a blog or website and it is another thing to fill it with awesome contents.

 Blogging is simply lecturing. And consistency is what makes you a content creator. In as much as blogging gives you time to do every other thing, you should take it as your daily job.
  • Publish at least one blog post a day
  • Read your own contents as a visitor and know where to amend
  • Read Google's 47 Ranking Factors to get high traffic from Google to your content
  • Interlink your pages
  • Keep gathering information and publishing
  • Read other people's contents before creating yours.
  • Make it a lifestyle and not an obligation 
 Blogging is not for everyone. A critical thinker is a typical example of a true blogger. Because content creating is all about putting down the quality imaginations in your head to share with the world.

 Go and inspire many with your blog. Thanks for reading 👍 

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