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How to Rank High on Google

 Having your own content on the first page of Google Search Results is what every publisher so desires.

 Here is the altimate SEO guide on Off-page and On-page optimization that will take your blogpost to the top of Google SERPs and drive more traffic to your website. Trust me

#1. Make your blog MOBILE Friendly

Mobile friendly design

Google began punishing mobile unfriendly sites in 2015 and are probably going to get serious as time goes on. Utilize responsive design.

  • How your blog is on mobile is how 65% of your visitors see it.

#2. Spell Check Posts and use Correct Grammar

Blog post spell check

 Elegantly composed articles are ranking better today . Particularly after Googles new Panda update. 
  • Proof read and use online tools like Ginger and Spinbot to restructure your content.

#3. Give Contents that is Helpful to Readers

Quality content

Contents keeps guests on your blog longer, which improves your Google positioning. Research before publishing. 

  • Check the content that is ranking top on that keyword and see what makes them standout.
  • Use Google Adsense advertisement on your page to help add to content. 

#4. Publish a Post not Less Than Twice a Week

Frequent blogposting chart

Constantly updated websites rank higher than those that publish less often. I tried that as well, and it worked. 

  • News blogs are a very good example.
  • I prefer you target target one blogpost daily. 
  • Anyday you don't meet up, carry it over to the next day.

#5. Appropriately Label your Post

Proper labeling

Labels adds to keyword thickness. Broaden it with related words. It helps to inform the crawlers what your page is talking about and keywords if should rank for.

  • The category you put a page in your site is the category Google will rank for.
  • Don't forget to also add the year or date you want to rank for.

#6. Optimise Comments Section

Comments Section

It ought to be no followed and directed to stay away from spam remarks. I personally don't like having comment section because it in creases page load time.

  • If you must use comments, always moderate it and delete comments with spam links.
  • You will hate comments especially when their up to 20.

#7. Zero in on a Specific Niche

Choosing blog niche

 Numerous bloggers start with making a multinihed blog. That can confuse Google completely, and choose to disregard you. 

  • Ask yourself "what topic?" And ask again "what topic in that topic?".
  • When you're specific, your deliberate.
  • Publish on a particular niche will also increase your page views because you have other similar pages already.

#8. Use SEO Optimized URLs

URL optimization

Links that is short and has the targeted keywords in it rank better in Google and other search engines as well. 

  • You link must not be same with the title. Use just specific keywords like "www.bloghow.com.ng/google-seo" instead of "www.bloghow.com.ng/how-to-rank-high-on-google".

#9. Optimise Search Description

Search description

It is the part of your content that  gives searchers what they need to decide if to click or to check the next content.

  • This is where you're to sell to content. Make it eye-carchy.
  • If possible, promise them what is not even in the content just to let the click.
  • And keep rewriting it every month.

#10. Optimise your Pictures

Image optimization
Web crawlers don't just crawl and index pictures, rather they search for the "alt text". Remember that. 

  • Edit your photos and tell Google what the image is about on the alt form.
I believe from this SEO guide, you now know how to rank high on Google perfectly.

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Here are a few take away points you should not forget:
  • Google depends on you for contents and information. So when you do it right, they will be glad to give you a good ranking place in Search results.
  • If you're using a default domain like "www.bloghowng.blogspot.com", your rankings will still be low despite all I said above. Buy a domain name.
  • SEO is not difficult if you do all I adviced on this page. Thank you