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3 Big Turn OFF's of Women [She Hates It]

In this blogpost, we're going to have a man to man conversation about the top three attraction killers when it comes to meeting the type of women that you actually want.

 Now, here's what I found after coaching 1000s of students after having over five 6000 people now through my products, I see every issue men make. And as I see every issue that men make, what I typically find is that men fundamentally today do not understand what turns a woman off.

Turn Offs of women

 So here's what's going to happen if you stay until the end of this blogpost. If you stay on till the end, not only am I going to shortcut you months, even years of trial and error for a lot of men, but I'm going to start to actually frame things in a way where you can clearly understand it.

 And you can actually see some of the mishaps, the issues, the shortcomings that you've had in the past and why they happen.

Now there's three rock solid points throughout this blogpost. And these three points are going to give you a well rounded experience as to how you can act and carry yourself.

 So you're never at the lower end of the spectrum ever again. Let me just talk through this and dive in here as we go.

 #1. Relying On Virtual Communication

 This one is the worst because this is going to look like you just have no balls. Okay? Now, men do this oftentimes because of fear of rejection, okay, the phone has became a buffer. 

But this mechanism right here has literally what between snipped them off and fed them to you on a silver platter.

 Let that sink in one more time relying on virtual communication. If you have in person opportunities, you will consistently see men using Snapchat using Instagram direct messages using a text messages.

 Okay, oftentimes, even they won't even have the nerve to call or FaceTime a woman, let alone have the guts to approach.

 Now here's the factor is that men typically don't have the social calibration to know how to engage the whole group because typically, if they wouldn't see her chances of her being just alone is like zero.

 There's too much of an agenda. And there's too much focus on the poll writer getting the number or even you know, getting her to like you rather, there's so much emphasis put on that, that you actually forget how to just like live and be in that moment.

 Relying on virtual communication, if you have an in person opportunity is going to just make you look dumb, especially if you live in a city that's smaller, and you have to frequent this person or you have to see them, here's what's going to happen.

 If this is you, or if this has ever been you, you will know exactly what I'm talking about. You will see men they try to make an attempt through the phone. And then they see her and if they were jacked, if they were rejected on the phone or if they were go sit now they don't necessarily know how to act in person, when in actuality if they would have just waited that have been patient, they could have had a better in person opportunity had the situation have been correct.

 So they can either emerge their friend group with hers or he can actually just make the approach himself and engage her whole friend group or her for that matter.

 Okay, male personality is going to draw that feminine energy in, which is why you have to rely on in person game I understand that a lot of you you rely on social circle game and you also will rely on the cell phone to appear high value or even Instagram or dating apps.

 I think that this is really stripping men from a lot of the things that make men attractive in the first place. Being a risk taker and being confident as you do it that you could get an outcome but you're not necessarily scared of failing. man that's going to just totally give you brownie points on her scale. 

That's number one.

#2. Being Sold Too Quickly

 Right you're being too sold from the get go. You're quick to give your time, you're quick to give your resources, you're quick to give your money, you're quick to give your attention.

 Now I understand that if she's beautiful you like her to some extent because you want to get to know her I understand that she looks hot, I understand that she's curvy.

 What you have to remember though, is you're going into this interaction fundamentally expecting you to like each other. This is an issue expecting you to to like each other is why you're getting shot in the foot off the approach.

 This is exactly why you're getting just rejected over time after seeing a woman you're expecting her to like you and you're expecting that you will like her.

 You're going into the interaction expecting you have chemistry and you have similarities with this woman when in actuality what you need to get good at is you need to get good at flirting.

 Getting her hooked on emotions, and being able to actually take them away when necessary. What the seventh wrong is a sense from game.

 Having good game and being able to engage her emotions, though does not necessarily mean that you two like each other, what it can mean is you two are attracted to each other, the only way to get her to like you is you have to establish that first fundamental step of attraction.

 If the attraction is not there, you're not even going to have enough time to build the comfort, let alone the seduction later on when you two are alone.

 And this is why being good with women is oftentimes going to come from being a well calibrated man and being a well calibrated individual.

 Not only that a lot of you guys fundamentally just don't like people, you actually don't like socializing, you try to socialize, to get s3 acts. A lot of you guys don't like socializing in groups, you literally are just there to meet women, that makes it really hard when you're the guy who's sitting there.

 And every two seconds, you're looking around when you have an x piece that you can go make an approach on, and I've been there and we all have, what it's going to come down to though is you actually realizing that what you've done in the past has not worked.

 And as it has not worked, there's things you need to develop those things you need to grow within yourself because the world is a certain way.

 And instead of trying to fight it, right and have the world be accustomed to your ways, it's easier to adapt. So that way you can get success in the current reality.

 This is just human nature one on one.

#3. You Have A Corny Friend Group

 Women will have heightened attraction towards a man and a psycho man as soon as he opens his mouth they're looking at him like what is wrong with you.

 So that's what you have to remember you having corny friends who act even slightly just off around you are there they're doing things that are just socially uncalibrated they're not truly acting like a man in the interaction and man to man friend to friend, it is going to totally just kill her attraction because she's going to associate your personality with that you are who you hang around.

 Just like if she hangs out with a certain type of woman, you're going to essentially assume she is like them. Okay? That's the key. The key is you want to have a rock solid social circle.

 And one of the things that I've actually never I have not put as much time into my life as I should is having congruent friends that are on the same path with the exact same mindset.

 Now there's different strokes for different folks depending on where you're at within your life if that's something you need, but these are the three that I find are just the biggest attraction killers. 

  1. Relying on virtual communication if you have in person opportunities. Yes, that means you need patience. If you like a girl you have to play the long game, you have to wait until you have that opportunity in person that might take a week that might take a month that might take three months.
  2. Being sold too quickly. What's the premise of this the premise of this is you cannot expect you to like each other. And just because there's attraction doesn't necessarily mean that you to get along however that attraction has to be present or you two will never get along ever.
  3. Corny friend group. Do not have friends Hoot and holler and make yourself so valuable that your girl is worried about getting sent back out to the wolves because she knows how hard it is in the dating market.

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 We'll see you in the next blogpost.

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