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7 Tips To Become Silent (Quiet Mind)

Shutting your mouth is only half the job. To be silent is possible only if you do not think much of yourself.

If you think you're smart, how can you shut up?


Tip 1. Talk less

How many words do you alter in a day?

Probably you don't know because you can't count. But you should.

Just make an estimate from today and try cutting your words by 50%. The idea is to talk lesser than  you usually do to the greatest minimum.

You will see that you will develop so much personal power within yourself. There is a scientific evidence to show that at least 20% of your energy is being consumed by your braing.

NOTE: Reduce your words by 50%

Tip 2. Reduce Body Movements

Your words and your physical movement, reduce it by 50%. If you want to look at this, look at this, and if you want to look at that, look at that. Not looking at this and that at the same time.

If you do this, it'll slowly start manifesting in your mind.

Tip 3. Break The Barrier Of Identities

You need to understand that why your mind is going on with uncontrollable endless thoughts is that you're identified with things that you're not.

The moment you get identified with something that you're not, then the mind is nonstop activity.

Tip 4. Don't Try To Stop Your Mind

If you tell someone to medite, they most complain that their not able to stop their mind.

Well, that will happen only after you stop your kidneys, liver, heart... You stop all these things and you are dead.

This is the conspiracy of the stupid against human intelligence that to medite means your brain must be frozen. You don't have to freeze your brain. Read tip 5

Tip 5. Create A Distance

Once there is a space between the mind, then what the mind is doing is not even the issue. There is a distance when you look down at traffic from an airplane than when you're currently stuck in the traffic...

So when there is a distance between you and your minds activities, mind is not a problem.

Tip 6. Observe and Focus

When you talk less, you tend to listen more to others than they listen to you. That way, you have more room to speak the best because you have simply filtered all you've heard and added your own thoughts.

A popular saying says 'he who laughs last, laughs best'. You might be thinking you're missing out by not speaking your mind. But trust me it's really worth it.

There is no doubt to the fact that there is a big difference to your productivity when you keep quiet and Focus, to when you talk and work.

Tip.7 Meditation

Are you bored?

You don't know what best to do?

You feel like using that free time to gist or do something you normally wouldn't want to do?

Why not use that time to just relax and meditate?

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