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How To Unlock OPPO K7 5G - Forgot Password

I've frequently received questions from OPPO K7 5G users like;

  • How to Unlock OPPO K7 5G?
  • How to Hard Reset OPPO K7 5G?
  • How to Factory Reset OPPO K7 5G?
  • How to bypass Google Verification in OPPO K7 5G?
  • How to Unlock Locked SIM Card in OPPO K7 5G?
  • How to Bypass SIMLOCK in OPPO K7 5G? 

If your OPPO K7 5G is locked, not to worry. You're in the right blog. The first thing you need is to find out why your phone was locked. Here are the types of blockage that your OPPO K7 5G might have;

Phone unlock

#1. Screen lock Blockage

Locked by password, pattern or face lock. To successfully remove that kind of blockade, you need to use Android Recovery Mode, where you will be able to successfully accomplish Hard Reset operation. Click Here to Hard Reset by using Android Recovery Mode will erase everything that is stored on your OPPO device.

#2. Google Verification / Factory Reset Protection

In a situation when you forgot Google account login details. You need to find out how to activate your OPPO K7 5G with a new Google account. Click here to check out how to bypass Google Verification in OPPO K7 5G.

#3. SIM LOCK Blockage

If you would like to check particular device's SIMLOCK Status, I truly recommend using a tool offered by www.imei.info, visit this website and check all the needed details.

You can also follow the @OPPO Twitter account to get updates on the tracking map.

If you found this helpful, use the share buttons to SHARE this guide to your friends, and COMMENT below let me know what type of blockage you have.

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